Chrome Plated Sheetrock

Size 60x60

Chrome, Red, Orange Colours

 T-24 Conveyor System

TSI and CE Quality Certificates

Weight 7 kg / m2

OPTIMA INOVASYON Company continues to improve its product range by including a new product to its innovations. OPTIMA decorative roof panels continue being ambitious in providing a stylish look to the environment, by adding a new products to our portfolio, the APOLET Model.



PHASE:  Slicing sheetrock which are processed in quality machines by sizing.

PHASE:  Processing of sized sheetrock plates in automatic presses

PHASE:  Coating of prepared products on PVC raw material with red, orange and chrome colour films.

APOLET model is produced from quality materials suitable for indoor conditions. The design can be made according to your requests and it can help you with a sporty and aesthetic air layer in all suspended ceiling application areas in your projects since it is a modern product. You can prefer it as one of higher visual models.